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Daoist Seminar Flyer 2015

Daoist Seminar Series

with Kung Fu Master Marin Velin

presented by Carolina Monkey Kung Fu

Feb 17th-Mar 5th


         Tuesday        Wednesday            Thursday
 6PM      General Kungfu General Kungfu
6-6:45pm 6-6:45pm
Woollen Combative room Woollen Combative room
Monkey Kungfu Monkey Kungfu
 7PM 6:45-7:30pm Self Defense 6:45-7:30pm
Woollen Combative room 7-8pm Woollen Combative room
 Cobb Dorm basement 4
 Game room 4
 8PM Daoist Philosophy Daoist Qi Gong Relaxation & Meditation
8-9pm 8-9pm 8-9pm
 Carmicheal Dorm  Cobb Dorm basement   Carmicheal Dorm
Fishbowl Lounge  Game room  Fishbowl Lounge


Class Title Description
Monkey Kung Fu This class allows participants to explore this very special kung fu style.  This may include observation of or participation in the exercises and training techniques as appropriate to the participant’s experience.
General Kung Fu The class offers an opportunity to the UNC community to learn and try out some of the basic and advanced exercises and techniques of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu.  The goals is to introduce general (non-style-specific) Kung Fu as a traditional Martial Art by practicing movements starting from basic punches and kicks to more complex exercises like kung fu forms.
Self-defense This class attempts to help its participants with the understanding of main self-defense concepts and learning of kung fu based techniques and moves for practical application.  The material is organized to allow participants to learn regardless of their previous experience levels.
Breathing Exercises (Qi Gong) Participants learn and practice Taoist breathing exercises similar to Qi Gong and Tai Chi to achieve results like maintaining and improving good physical and mental health.  Special breathing techniques are introduced along with the breathing exercise forms (moment steps).
Relaxation Techniques During this class, participants will try and learn relaxation techniques and best practices through the combination of autogenic training, concentration exercises and breathing techniques.  (Please bring a yoga mat with you if you have one. )



Woollen Gym Combative Room direction(Blue):

  • From front entrance, go down two level into the basement floor using the stairs at the left end of the building.
  • Walk straight exiting the stairs till the end of the hall.
  • Turn right at the end of the hall and the Combative room is at the left.

Carmicheal Dorm Fishbowl Lounge direction(Green):

  • Enter the building from the front door (the side facing Rams Head).
  • Immediately turn left and you will see a the lounge (it is surrounded by glasswalls)

Cobb Dorm basement game room direction (Red):

  • From the front entrance of the residence hall, go down to the basement

all three map

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