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Latest Past Events

Seminar Session – Relaxation & Meditation

Carmichael Fishbowl Lounge 101 Stadium Drive, Chapel Hill

During this class, participants will try and learn relaxation techniques and best practices through the combination of autogenic training, concentration exercises and breathing techniques.  (Please bring a yoga mat with you if you have one. )

Seminar Session – Monkey KungFu

Woollen Gym combative room 310 South Road, Chapel Hill

This class allows participants to explore this very special kung fu style.  This may include observation of or participation in the exercises and training techniques as appropriate to the participant's experience.

Seminar Session – General Kungfu

Woollen Gym combative room 310 South Road, Chapel Hill

The class offers an opportunity to the UNC community to learn and try out some of the basic and advanced exercises and techniques of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu. The goals is to introduce general (non-style-specific) Kung Fu as a traditional Martial Art by practicing movements starting from basic punches and kicks to more complex exercises like kung fu forms.